Charges for Our Services

You must take reasonable care to provide us with accurate information and you should notify us immediately if anything is incorrect or if you are unsure about any details. Providing inaccurate information could adversely affect your policy, including invalidating your policy and claims being rejected or not fully paid.

Setting up a new policy/renewal - £35.00

Setting up a new Direct Debit - £20.00 (applied to deposit)

Making an adjustment to your policy - £35.00 plus 10% of the insurers premium

Printing and posting documents - £10

Printing and posting documents (special delivery) - £15

Dishonoured cheques or rejected card payments where an instalment plan has been agreed with us - £30.00

Non-receipt of documents (NCB, DVLA code, V5, etc) - £35.00*

Cancellation prior to inception up to £45.00

Cancellation within 14 days - £45.00*

Cancellation outside 14 days - £45.00* 

*If you take out a new policy with Business Insurance Solutions Ltd this fee is reduced to £25.00.

*Should your policy be cancelled due to the non-receipt of documents, then the relevant cancellation fee will apply instead of this fee. 

Fees in lieu of commission may be charged on low or nil commission products. The maximum commission fee will not exceed 25% of the insurer's annual premium. These fees will be detailed on your statement of price.

It is not economic or practical to issue refund cheques of small amounts. Accordingly, where a transaction would result in a refund to you from us of less than £5.00, this nominal amount will be retained by us an additional service charge.

If you do not pay in full for your time on cover or you fail to pay any part of your insurance, we may choose to use a debt collection agency to collect any monies owing. Any costs incurred will be added to the debt.

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